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This space is all about the creative team behind CMPM Comedy. Meet the masterminds Gaminda Priyaviraj and Suneth Chithrananda aka Podi Malli and Chooti Malli. Not just these two but there is a whole team of exceptionally talented and hard working individuals behind the scene…..Let’s get to know about them too…..

After meeting each other at the National Youth Center in the year 1997.It never took a lot of ice breaking for Gaminda Priyaviraj and Suneth Chithrananda to understand their potential as two creative individuals and what they could do combining these two personalities. When they stepped in to the outside world where everyone was involved in doing things by the book and playing safe, it was their time to make that very decision. Instead of playing safe and being just ordinary they chose to play hard and do something extraordinary. At that time, they never even dreamed that this decision could change and destroy the entire phase of clique over the top comedy.

What these two youngsters did was what people were urging and longing to see since the time of Anesly, Berty and Samuel. This is how the hit television show Api Nodanna Live was born making Chooti malli and Podi malli iconic in the field of humor. They are truly the pioneers in introducing the concept of standup comedy to the Sri Lankan audience. This whole idea of sophisticated, clean and entertaining humor that they introduced turned the tables in the Sri Lankan entertainment field giving rise to many humor artists who followed their style and mojo and still continues to do so.

They are not only widely popular on television but also are the voices behind many famous characters on animated films and cartoons as dubbing artists. They also have their hit radio by the very names Chooti Malli and Podi Malli.

After few years being busy establishing their own company, and doing many successful small scale events in many countries like the UAE, Singapore, Qatar, Thailand, Miyenmar, Vietnam etc In the year 2013 they did their first ever live performance via a standup comedy show Api Nodanna Live on stage in Australia to a house full crowd in Melbourne, followed by a bumper success show in New Zealand. Due to public demand and the popularity of the show they show cased their second, third and fourth installments of this show covering countries like Australia, New Zealand and UK.

The show was truly a breath of fresh air and one amazingly entertaining event for many fans around the globe. It was more like eye witnessing the most popular television show right in front of you. Api Nodanna Live on stage is a show that offers the public light, yet deep, polite and non-abusive humor.

History was made when they conducted their first ever stand-up comedy show Api Nodanna Live on stage in Sri Lanka in the year 2015, April, at the BMICH. It was a record breaking success story, where it marked the maximum no of participation for a show that allocated a ticket for every seat. By far Gaminda Priyaviraj and Suneth Chithrananda, aka Podi malli and Chooti malli are the highest paid standup comedy duo in Sri Lanka. They can also be called as the busiest standup comedy duo. Being Brand Embassorders to many brands, doing a world tour every year, endorsing, conducting events, running their own recording studio plus their companies Live 21 private limited and CMPM Comedy private limited , doing commercial productions to commercial voicing they have surely topped every ones list.



CMPM is derived from the initials of Chooti Malli and Podi Malli. The name Chooti Malli and Podi Malli was first introduced to the audience via the super hit Sri Lankan television series Api Nodanna Live in the year 2002.

The two names /characters were portrayed by non-other than the comedy duo of this generation Suneth Chithrananda (Chooti Malli) and Gaminda Priyaviraj (Podi Malli). These two names were recognized by many due to the mere factor of these two wanting to be juniors (Malli’s) in a field where everyone else is trying to be seniors (Ayya’s) or reach to the top to be superior to the others.

Even though this particular show is no more on television, still it repeatedly ran for many years and as time passed these two names got even popular and iconic than just fading away. Now the names Chooti Malli and Podi Malli are so popular that they do a hit radio show and their world stage tour using these iconic names. CMPM comedy.com is their official website. That showcases their latest work and also a place where you can be up to date with their upcoming events and productions.