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Kalugamage Gaminda Priyaviraj is best known as a stand-up comedian in Sri Lanka. He is also a dubbing artist, an actor, company director, lyricist, television host etc.

Early life

Born on the 26th March 1976 in Kandaliyadda paluwa, Ganemulla as the second child to loving mother Withanarachchige kamala Kularathna and loving father Kalugamage Kularathna who were both government servants at that time.Gaminda has an elder brother named Kalugamage Thushara Preethiviraj.



Gaminda completed his primary education at Presidents College Sri Jayewardenepura. Since a child he was always recognized as a very talented person where as he emerged an all island winner during his primary schooling days. From there Gaminda joined Ananda College, Colombo to complete his secondary education obtaining a higher score in the scholarship program. During this time he again won an all island title not just once but twice in a raw for singing in the years 1989 and 1990 organized by the YMBA.Due to this talent shown by Gaminda during schooling days, he got the opportunity to learn music from Mr. Lionel Ranwala who was a pioneer in Sri Lankan folk music. Gaminda was one of the top students in his initial music group of students. He then sat for his Advance level; examination in the Mathematics stream. He went on to University Of Sri Jayewardenepura to complete his higher education in mass communication.


National Youth Center where it all began…..

The year 1997 can be marked as one of the most important years of Gaminda s life. The year that surely put the foundation to what he became in recent years. He joined National Youth center to the post graduate diploma NESCO video. Where he learned the essential’s of television production and video technology. This is the place where he met Suneth Chithrananda and few others who later collaborated with him in many productions.


Personal Life

Gaminda is married to Inoka Shayani Abeyrathna since the year 2005. She too has a close relationship to creative field where she has obtained her master’s from the University of performing and visual arts.Gaminda is also a father to one daughter, Akee Akasha Priyaviraj who is currently studying at Museus College, Colombo.


Career life

As a fresher out of Youth center, Gaminda started his carrier life by becoming a copy writer in Triad advertizing agency. At the same time he became a freelance dubbing artist plus a director for MTV MBC Networks. He played a big role in terms of lending his voice and directing the Sinhala version of the world phenomena Astrics that became a super hit television show that shot out the TRP rates in television.

The year 2002 can me marked as the year that turned tables for Gaminda s life. Along with Suneth and a set of fresh talented youngsters Gaminda set out to Direct the Super hit television show Api Nodanna Live that made him so popular over night. He was not only the director but was also the script writer and one of the presenters of the show. The show Api Nodanna Live was not only popular in Sri Lanka but was widely popular among the nonresident Sri Lankan s around the globe. Api Nodanna Live went up to two seasons and was stopped but still it’s widely demanded by the public.


Other positions held

  • In the year 2003 Gaminda worked as a creative consultant for Company Grey which is an Advertising Agency.
  • He then joined company MIND 4 as a creative director.
  • In the year 2006 Gaminda started working as a program director \ presenter for V FM( Lanka Television Networks)
  • With the experience gained by all these years, Gaminda together with Suneth started up their own company Live 21 Pvt (Ltd) becoming one of the founders and also a Director/creative director.
  • Company Live 21 is advertising and also an audio video production company.
  • Gaminda is also a director in another company that they started recently called CMPM Comedy Private Limited.
  • The versatility of Gaminda is truly par excellence. From an event host to a program presenter to a dubbing artist to an actor to a brand ambassador to many brands and also to a director of two companies he is surely someone who you cannot ignore……..
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